Frequently Asked Questions

Dragonfly Alpacas

1.  How many people can you accomModate?  

We have enough parking to accommodate up to 125 guests.

2.  Are pets allowed?

We realize that pets are considered to be family.  As long as your dog is not aggressive with people and other animals, it's healthy, and stays on the leash, they are allowed.

3.  Is smoking permitted?  

Only in designated areas as dry grass can quickly become a brush fire.

4.  May we pet the animals?  

Yes, but ONLY with the assistance and supervision of the owners of the farm (Roger and Dede Crout).

5.  if the weather is bad, will the wedding be cancelled?

Unless a major storm is in the forecast, tents rented by our clients in advance should keep everyone nice and dry.

6.  is there full access to the house?

No.  Only the downstairs Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom and Bath.  

7.  Can we wander the farm freely?

Everyone has free access between the wedding pastures and the parking lot, as well as the surrounding gardens.  The barns and gated pastures can only be entered with owners of the farm (Roger and Dede Crout).


The 'Wedding' Area is 4,000 square feet (80' x 50').  The reception area is 10,500 square feet (150' x 70') and there is additional space for other activities and that is an additional 8,000 square feet (100' x 80').